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Sri Haridas Shastri ji Maharaj
Shri Haridasa Shastri Maharaja was a great devotee of Lord Krishna and exponent of Lord Chaitanya's philosophy. He was a distinguished scholar of Sanskrit and the ancient Indian scriptures. His gifts to today's world comprise over 80 books that he translated from Sanskrit into Hindi and Bengali. He held shastric (based on traditional Indian scriptures) degrees in nine disciplines, and delivered discourses on various topics to scholars from around the world. His basic advice to humanity was to create a world that respects God and his creations, and to work toward sustainable living. To this end, he proposed a life of harmony with oneself, others, and the environment. His words and action exude the empathy he shared with living beings, especially cows. His love for cows is amply substantiated by the way he served them, devoted and wholehearted. Moreover, Dharma (righteousness) to him only meant performing one's duties with absolute honesty and gratitude to God. He lived in Vrindavan, Mathura (UP).