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Cow Protection

“The attitude of taking care of and working for the welfare of one’s self as well as others is called Dharma. People, however, are more interested in taking care of themselves, sometimes even at the cost of others’ welfare!


The Supreme Lord wants us to take up Dharma and thus take care of the well being of the entire creation. This is possible if we have within us, two qualities primarily; being niraparadhi (not causing distress to others) and being upakari (working for the welfare of others).


But human beings are selfish. How would they become niraparadhi and upakari? For this purpose, the Lord has manifested the scriptures so we can gain understanding of Dharma. And for practically inculcating the values of Dharma, the Lord has created a special creature that demonstrates the ideal of niraparadhi and upakari behaviour. That ideal creature is Go (the Sanskrit word that refers to those varieties of cows, calves and bulls that are native to the land of India.) They possess the two qualities that are primarily required in a person to be able to work for the welfare of others (niraparadhi and upakari).


God has created Go in such a fashion that everything they give is for the welfare of others. The extent to which they are upakari can be understood from the fact that even their dung and urine contain medicinal qualities which are meant for serving others. On the other hand, such wastes of even great saints and incarnations of God Himself are discarded.


 By creating Go, the Lord presents to us an ideal creature from whom we can get the inspiration to inculcate within us the values of being niraparadhi and upakari, and eventually work for the welfare of all.” —

Sri Haridas Shastri ji Maharaj